Dynamics User Group (DUG) Advisory Committee - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon March 15 - 17, 2022

Dynamics User Group (DUG) Advisory Committee

Foyin Olajide-Bello

Avanade // Consultant, Cloud Engineering

FUN FACT: Loves anything to do with music

Bob McAdam

Cavallo // VP, Strategic Partnerships

FUN FACT: He is a co-founder of Enterprise Software Podcast!

Tanya Henderson

TESS Team // Sr. Software Architect

Amber Bell

Training Dynamo // Owner

FUN FACT: Learned how to crochet via YouTube during the pandemic

Tom Doran

Innovia // Chief Marketing Officer

FUN FACT: Lives in Georgetown, KY the birth town of bourbon.

Kylie Kiser

Hitachi Solutions America // CE Solution Architect

FUN FACT: Her chapter mascot, Hashtag, has traveled to conferences all over the world!

Frank Vukovits

FastPath // Director - Strategic Partnerships

FUN FACT: He’s an Eagle Scout! Eagle Scout teachings hasn’t quite sunk into the minds of his almost-adult children, but still hopeful it will.  

Kristen Hosman

Mount Evans Consulting // Dynamics 365 BC Consultant

FUN FACT: Loves to snowboard and when she falls too many times takes her off-roading Jeep for a spin. 

Steve Endow

Precipio Services // Owner

FUN FACT: Most frequently traveled city is Fargo, ND to visit Microsoft

Craig O'Connor

MCA Connect // Director of Services - Presales

FUN FACT: Worked for a brewery and delivered beer onto Air Force One at Andrew’s Air Force Base. 

Heidi Neuhauser

reenhanced // Director, CRM Projects

FUN FACT: Completed 6 marathons, two 50k’s, and ran 1,500 miles in 2020!

Jason Gumpert

MSDynamicsWorld // Editor

FUN FACT: Has skied for 35 years and is proud to say is the longest activity of his life

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