March 2023 Presentation Materials - DynamicsCon

March 2023 Presentation Materials

Download the presentations from your favorite sessions!


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. AJ Ansari
    5 Best Practices for Data Migration
  2. Holly Kutil
    How 2 prepare 4 your BC Implementation – Save Time and Money
  3. Kristen Hosman & Shannon Mullins
    Top Misconfigurations in Business Central
  4. Lauro Soto
    Exploring the Shopify – Business Central Connector?
  5. Marguerite Manelski
    User Acceptance Testing: What is it and When is it Enough?
  6. Olivia Nelson & Ashley Lords
    Workflows – They work when they flow!
  7. Pamela Jacobs, Geetika Walters & Kalyanasundaram Gurusami
    Journey of NAV to D365 Business Central
  8. Patrick Schiefer
    Design Patterns with Object-Oriented Approaches
  9. Shawn Dorward
    10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Save Time in BC!
  10. Tom Doran
    Thinking of Using CRM, how about the One You Have inside Business Central? – presented by Innovia Consulting
  11. Vaughn Proctor
    Outmaneuver Your Competitors with Predictive Supply Chain Planning – presented by NETSTOCK


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Ashley Steiner
    Top XRMToolBox Tools Every Admin Should Know
  2. Bailey Moss
    Optimizing Your Contract Processes through Dynamics 365 & E-Signature Integration – presented by
  3. Dian Taylor
    The Secret Features of D365 CE
  4. JC Quintana
    Don’t Call It CRM Unless You Mean It!
  5. Jesse Bucholz & Britt Pangerl
    Unleash the Power of your Scheduling Team
  6. Johnathan Monson & Matt Jarosz
    How to Solve Any Problem in 5 Minutes
  7. Kylie Kiser & Heidi Neuhauser
    50 Tips in 50 Minutes for Dynamics 365 CRM
  8. Marko Totovic
    Dynamics 365 Marketing Journey and Power Automate
  9. Rami Mounla
    How the Right Fusion Dev Balance Saved the Day
  10. Ron De Giusti
    Using DevOps to Deliver Agile Dynamics 365 CRM Projects: Faster Delivery, Better Results – presented by Purely CRM
  11. Scott Roller
    Dynamics 365 & Power Platform: 2023 Release Wave 1 Overview


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Andre Arnaud de Calavon
    Saving my View on Saved Views
  2. Andrew Lencsak
    Le-go of your spreadsheets and start planning in D365 F&SC
  3. Dan Edwards
    Using Power Apps, Teams, & Dynamics 365 F&O Finance
  4. Dmytro Pohorielov & Marta Prazanowska
    Warehouse-Specific Inventory Transactions
  5. Herb Johnson
    Fin Ops Approvals within Outlook and Teams
  6. James Karst
    Vertex: Your Global Tax Solution
  7. Johan Persson
    Updates, Features and Testing – ALM for a New ERP
  8. Jolie Tanigawa
    What What! Out of the Box! Credit & Collections!
  9. Klemen Novak
    Multiple Projects on D365FO OneBox using Git
  10. Nigel Cox & James Cox
    Keep it Simple: Manufacturing and Warehousing
  11. Sanja Kolundžija & Albin Lotrič
    What at do D365FO ER and Warehouse Labels have in common? presented by Docentric


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Amber Bell
    GP User to GP Superhero – 2023 Edition
  2. Belinda Allen
    Planning Steps for a Power BI Report
  3. Carol Livingston, Mary Miller & Fauwaz Hussain
    As a Dynamics GP User, Should I Stay until Infinity & Beyond
  4. David Laster
    A Year in the Life of a GP System Administrator
  5. David Musgrave
    Microsoft Dynamics GP Development – Choosing the Right Tool
  6. David Winthrop
    Solving your pain points with GP Power Tools – presented by Winthrop Development Consultants
  7. Deb Schaffer
    Comparing Dynamics GP to Dynamics Business Central
  8. John Kirsch & David Helms
    Dynamics GP Reporting Usage and Personalization
  9. Mary Millier & Sean Fitzgerald
    Automate Your GP Invoice Process: Best Practices, Tips, & Audit Prep presented by KwikTag
  10. Paul Johnson
    Dynamics GP and Moving to Azure
  11. Scott Jorgens
    6 Tips for Digital Transformation while Staying on GP


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. April Dunnam
    Streamline & Speed Up Power Apps Development with Components
  2. Chris Cognetta
    Power Apps in the Real World
  3. Chris Huntingford & Jason Earnshaw
    Architecting Ecosystems and Low Code World Building
  4. Foyin Olajide-Bello, Azure McFarlane, & Geetha Sivasailam
    Manage Expenses with the Synergy of Apps, Automate, BI & RPA
  5. Igor Zhdanov
    Implementing a Dynamic Power BI Distribution Strategy
  6. Katerina Chernevskaya
    Improve the UX of Power Apps Canvas Apps
  7. Liz Pham & Simon Owen
    Creating a Power Platform Pandemic through Viral Adoption
  8. Savannah Dill
    Power Up User Experience: The Power BI Usability Bluepirnt presented by Innovia Consulting
  9. Vidit Gholam
    Document Management Using SharePoint Power Automate & Teams
  10. Zeeshan Saed
    Build your SMB utilizing Power Platform in under 50-minutes!



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