March 2022 Presentation Materials - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon March 15 - 17, 2022

March 2022 Presentation Materials

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Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Andrea Riviezzo
    How to Not Fail an ISV Implementation…Maybe
  2. Andrea Riviezzo & Krystle Conrad
    Do You Need a Full-On PO Intervention? Presented by Innovia Consulting
  3. Arend-Jan Kauffmann
    Tips & Tricks for Creating Custom APIs
  4. Carme Cortada
    How to Update to the New Email Functionality
  5. Cynthia Priebe & Cari Corozza
    Top 6 Lessons Learned Implementing Permissions in BC
  6. Dave Wiser
    Oops, What Did I Do? Fixing Errors in Business Central
  7. David Gersten & Chad Nicholson
    Go Beyond AR Automation with Microsoft Dynamics and Versapay – Presented by Versapay
  8. Gino Pack
    Tools for the ERP Admin in Business Central SaaS
  9. Igor Zhdanov
    Power BI and D365 Business Central: Connecting Your Data
  10. Jeremy Vyska
    The Road to BC Development
  11. Jeremy Vyska
    Spare Brained Offerings – Presented by Spare Brained Ideas
  12. Judy Weston, Kimber Young & Shawn Martin
    Connect Suppliers via EDI to Boost Supply Chain Performance – Presented by SPS Commerce
  13. Kristen Hosman
    Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central & Best Practices
  14. Peri Lynn Silkwood
    AP Automation Adoption Best Practices – Presented by Altec
  15. Saurev Dhyani
    Up Your Reporting Game in Dynamics 365 Business Central
  16. Shawn Dorward
    BC LifeHacks: 10 FREE Extensions You Should Know About!
  17. Stefano Demillani
    Low Code Workflows for Dynamics 365 Business Central
  18. Steven Renders
    Create Stunning Power BI Reports Using the Standard BC APIs
  19. waldo-
    The Initiative


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Adil Shaikh
    Forms to Integrate D365 CRM with Your Website!
  2. Ambesh Singh
    Event Portals: What, Why, When and How?
  3. Ashley Steiner & Merlin Schwaiger
    Customer Insights and Marketing – Better Together!
  4. Chad Althaus
    One Survey to Rule Them All: Customer Voice at Scale
  5. Christine Eltz
    Becoming a Documentation Creation Superhero in 20 Mins!
  6. David Cacioppo
    Defining Your Customer Journey with Microsoft Dynamics
  7. Dian Taylor
    Dynamics 365 (New) Features You Might Not Know About!
  8. Geoff Ables
    7 Habits of Successful CRM Leaders – Presented by C5 Insight2
  9. Jeff Wedul & Jenny Harer
    ERP and CRM Silos Are History with Bus Apps Ecosystem
  10. Kylie Kiser
    Introduction to Dataverse Security
  11. Lisa Crosbie
    Customer Insights: Get Started and Get Certified
  12. Liz Hallen & Molly Fuchsel
    Learn about the DUG Team-up Program!
  13. Matej Vanik
    Resco & Power Apps: An Expert Comparison
  14. Mathew Batterbee
    Maximize your partner opportunity with the Microsoft NCE – Presented by Ingram Micro
  15. Melissa Erickson & Shelby Spillar
    How to be a Bada$$ BA
  16. Molly Fuchsel & Liz Hallen
    Learn About the DUG Community
  17. Nitin Sapkal & Goloknath Mishra
    Managing Service Module with AI Model and Auto Routing
  18. Piyesh Wagh
    Setting Up Project Operations Lite
  19. Ryan Buxton & Daniel Pasowisty
    Web Portals 101 – A Real World Demo on Converting Visions to Reality Presented by The Portal Connector
  20. Tristan Shortland & Adam Gray
    Dynamics 365 Field Service – From the Front Line


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Adnane Dalhi
    Dynamics 365 FinOps & Power Platform The Winning Combination
  2. Alex Meyer & Andre Arnaud de Calavon
    Common D365FO Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  3. Aurelien Clere
    Data Event / Virtual Entities – FinOps within Power Platform”
  4. Bobby Small & Gregor Newland
    D365 Migration Planning and $$$ Saving Secrets – Presented by Ellipse Solutions
  5. Dan Edwards
    Using Power Automate with Dynamics 365 F&O”
  6. Frank Vukovits & Alex Meyer
    Moving from Security Zero to Superhero with Fastpath Assure
  7. Jason Chung & Mehmet Pamuk
    Simplifying Compliance Processes for D365FO users – Presented by NMB Solutions
  8. John Szemler
    BOOM and ZOOM with D365 LEAN
  9. Juanita Schoen
    Benefits of MVP Approach to D365 Implementation
  10. Judy Weston, Kimber Young & Brian Lynch
    Connect Suppliers via EDI to Boost Supply Chain Performance – Presented by SPS Commerce
  11. Kelly Mazur & Stephanie Richter
    5 Reasons Why Commerce Can’t Be Ignored in 2022 – Presented by Evenica
  12. Michael Simms
    Machine Learning in 40 Minutes
  13. Miha Vuk & Goran Arsovski
  14. Peter Ramer
    Chain of Command Fundamentals in D365 F&SC
  15. Rachel Profitt
    A Look Inside Posting Profiles: Dammits and Crammits
  16. Rachit Garg
    Understanding Power Platform Convergence Capabilities
  17. Rakesh Darge
    Integration Design Strategies For Dynamics 365 FO with Azure
  18. Sanja Kolundzija & Klemen Novak
    Print Reports from D365FO to Local Network via Azure Files – Presented by Docentric
  19. Sean Sennott
    D365 for a Company with 54 Legal Entities in 20 Countries
  20. Trisha Alverson
    Powerful?… Automated? … Extending D365FO w/ Power Automate


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Abra Gilman
    GP Upgrades Continue! Come See the Latest Features in 18.4+!
  2. Amber Bell
    GP User to GP Superhero – Is it time for a Reboot?
  3. Andrei Bruzgulis
    Warehousing Functionality using Dynamics GP versus Business Central – Presented by Innovia Consulting
  4. Belinda Allen
    How Do I Get Started with Power BI?
  5. Carol Livingston
    You Own It, so Use It – 10 Hidden Gems in GP
  6. Charles Allen
    Do it Yourself Reporting in Excel Using Custom SQL Tables
  7. Chris Hadden
    Moving to the Cloud? Start With Payroll – Presented by Greenshades
  8. Cory Severson
    GP Workflow: The Basics and Holy Cow I Didn’t Know That!
  9. Jeremy Prichard
    AP Automation as Unique as You with Pre-Built GP Integrations – Presented by Trindocs
  10. Jo deRuiter
    How Does Dynamics GP Compare to Dynamics BC?
  11. John Kirsch
    GP Trending Topics
  12. Judy Weston & Brian Lynch
    Manage the Complexities of the Retail Supply Chain with EDI – Presented by SPS Commerce
  13. Kurt Quiggle & Deb Sletmoen
    Become a Master in Using Your GP Product
  14. Mariano Gomez
    Bring Dynamics GP into the 21st Century with Power Platform
  15. Mark Polino
    40 Security Tips in 40 Minutess
  16. Mary Miller
    Case Study | Will AP Automation Ever Rule the World? – Presented by KiwkTag by enChoice
  17. Russell Graf
    Navigating your Supply Chain in 2022
  18. Russell Graf
    Take Your Microsoft Dynamics Inventory to the Next Level – Presented by NETSTOCK
  19. Terry Heley
    Dynamics GP Lifecycle Announcements and What’s Coming in the Future


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Bailey Moss
    Design & Automate Dynamic Documents from Start to Finish – Presented by
  2. Chris Huntingford, Liz Pham & Simon Owen
    Looking Beyond the “App” in Power Apps
  3. Christian Bauer & Lisa Pulsinger
    Let’s (Power) Automate all your D365 documents with dox42
  4. Eric Jorgenson
    Extending the Reach of your Data with Embedded Apps
  5. Jason Menezes
    How to use Power BI with PowerApps & Power Automate Visuals
  6. Keith Sayer
    Unlock the Power of Power Automate in D365 Business Central
  7. Keith Sayer
    Forget Everything You Knew About Reporting – Presented by Innovia Consulting
  8. Liz McGlennen & Merlin Schwaiger
    Help Us Reduce Income Inequality – Announcing TechFluent
  9. Mary Thompson
    10 Tips & Tricks of HTTP Connectors in Power Automate
  10. Mary Thompson
    Unleash your Proactive Super Powers with WorldMax
  11. Mats Necker
    The Hidden Powers of Custom Connectors
  12. Michael Megal
    ALM for Pro and Citizen Developers
  13. Molly Fuchsel & Liz Hallen
    Learn About the DUG Community
  14. Muhammad Mustjab
    Robotic Process Automation Aka Power Automate Desktop
  15. Nick Doelman
    Crash Course in Power Apps Portals
  16. Olajumoke Toriola & Foyin Olajide-Bello
    Build Intelligent & Interactive PVA bots for SharePoint Site
  17. Rami Mounla
    Top 10 Power Platform Features You Must Know About
  18. Rishona Elijah
    Better Together: Power BI & Power Automate
  19. Savannah Dill
    Create a Dynamic Pop-Out Panel in Power BI
  20. Stephanie Stasey
    Fast-forward Your Charity with Power Platform
  21. Taylor Dorward
    5 Things I Have Learned While Getting Started with PowerApps
  22. Troy Dahnert
    I’m a Lazy Dev. Write Faster, Cleaner Code and Be Lazy Too

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