POW, BANG, BAM!!! - Security Admin, Financial Controls and Compliance Made Easy with Fastpath Assure® Presented by Fastpath

Sept 10 - 2:00 PM CT - Technical Session


Frank Vukovits, Alex Meyer

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Session Description

You don’t need to be a Super Hero to manage the security of your company's data, but you do need some super powers. In this session, learn how Fastpath can help provide your company those powers to answer important questions like: Do you know who has access to your data, what they are doing with that data, and the risks to your data? With the Fastpath Assure cloud platform, you can answer these questions and provide an internal control framework to meet your compliance needs. When combined with the Fastpath Security Designer, you can take security by design to a Super Hero level. Learn about the native controls in D365F&O around security in this session, and where Fastpath can help. In today’s world, with GDPR, SOX, and ever-growing number of audits, having the right security and financial controls in place is more important than ever. This session will show how the Fastpath governance, risk, and compliance solutions for D365FO can help your company become a security and compliance Super Hero.

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