Keep Keeping On With Virtual Appointments and Microsoft 365

Sept 10 - 10:00 AM CT - Technical Session


Melissa Hubbard & Bruce Weaver

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Session Description

The ability to schedule, manage, and attend virtual appointments in an easy and intuitive way has never been more important for organizations. Financial consultations, tutoring sessions, and tele-health appointments are just a few examples of scenarios where technology is crucial to allow staff, customers, and consumers to schedule and attend virtual appointments. Microsoft Bookings integrated with Microsoft Teams provides this functionality, but it requires some setup. In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate how to automate some of the setups of Microsoft Bookings using Power Automate and the Graph API. What we will cover: -Overview of Microsoft Bookings and Teams solution to manage virtual appointments. -Intro to Graph API for Bookings -Walkthrough of how to create a flow to automate set up of Bookings

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