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DynamicsCon September 20 - 23, 2021

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Presenter Name, Session Title
  1. AJ Kauffmann
    Its Time to Move to OAuth
  2. Dave Wiser
    Creating Custom Document Layouts in Business Central
  3. Gino Pack & Deanna Gray Minick
    Practical Reasons to Upgrade to BC in the Cloud
    – Panel Discussion Presented by Innovia Consulting
  4. Jeremy Boogaart
    How AI Fuels Your BI: The Future of Data in Business
    – Presented by Cavallo
  5. Karen Hartsell & Meredith Mitchell
    A New and Better Way to Transform Your AR Processes
    – Presented by Versapay
  6. Marcus Haug
    Workflows & Job Queues – Make the System Work for You
  7. Mark Hamblin
    Supercharge Business Central for Manufacturing & Distribution
    – Presented by InsightWorks
  8. Michal Magnusek, Jurgen Broos, & Matthijn Hoogenbook
    How To Integrate Resco & D365 Business Central In Just A Few Clicks
    – Presented by Resco.Net
  9. Saurav Dhyani
    10 Tips for BC Users, Developers, and Administrators
  10. Shawn Martin & Chrissy Mathison
    Is EDI Stunting your Growth? Accelerate Your Business with SPS Fulfillment
    – Presented by SPS Commerce
  11. Tanya Kharbanda
    Exploring Report Extensions in BC
  12. Tharanga Chandrasekara
    Integrating BC with Power Platform
  13. Tobias Fenster
    BC on Docker – Basics, Tools and Advanced Scenarios
  14. Tomas Kapitan
    AL Language – Coding for Performance V2
  15. Torbjorn Thorsen & Morgan Jonsson
    ExFlow, AI Powered and Dynamic AP Automation Inside D365 BC
    – Presented by ExFlow by SignUp Software

  16. Shawn Dorward
    BC LifeHacks: 10 Things Every User Should Know About BC


Presenter Name, Session Title

  1. Austin Kelly, Connor Langan & Sam Sarsam
    The Power of The Indirect Model with Tech Data
  2. Dani Kahil
    Best Practices to Manage D365 Requirements in Azure DevOps
  3. Daryl LaBar
    All Your Plugin Base Are Belong To Us
  4. Geoff Ables
    The Apps of Wrath: Migrating from D365 CE On-Premise to Online
    Presented by C5 Insight
  5. Heidi Neuhauser
    System Admins –  The Maker Portal vs Classic Solution Designer
  6. Ivan Stano
    State of Mobility for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
    – Presented by
  7. John Cooper & Sanjay Srinivasan
    Leverage CC & Microsoft to Enhance CX, Anywhere Collaboration
    – Presented by Vonage
  8. Keith Fowler, Johannes Linder & Christian Bauer
    Powerful Document Generation from D365 CE with dox42
  9. Lipi Sarkar
    Learn How to Start with Power Platform & Move to D365 CE, FS
  10. Mary Ann Castro
    Designing Effective Forms for a Better User Experience
  11. Mathew Batterbee
    Microsoft Partner Growth Opportunity with Dynamics 365 – Presented by Ingram Micro
  12. Mitch Brown
    One Source of Truth: Cross-Platform Document Management
    – Presented by Datahaven 365
  13. Natalie Jackson
    Defining Your Customer Journey with Microsoft Dynamics
  14. Priyesh Wagh
    Overview of Project Operations Lite – Sales to Proforma
  15. Rami Mounla
    Dynamics 365 DevOps Regression
  16. Steve Webb
    Fireside with The Portal Connector and Special Guests


Presenter Name, Session Title
  1. Albin Lotric
    Electronic Reporting & Business Documents for Beginners in D365 FO
  2. Anand Kotti & Kevin Dunne
    Make SOX Compliance a Breeze with Cross App Superpowers
    – Presented by Pathlock
  3. Andras Szabo
    Lessons Learned “LCS, DevOps, Release Proc and Branching”
  4. Christian Bauer & Johannes Linder
    Powerful Report & Document Automation in D365 FO with dox42
  5. David Bowles
    F&O Implementation Success – Methodology is Key
  6. Edmundo Mejia
    Building Extensible Controls in D365FO
  7. Frank Vukovits & Alex Meyer
    Become a Security and Licensing Superhero with Fastpath
  8. Grant Beresford & Brian Lynch
    Is EDI Stunting Your Growth? Accelerate Your Business with SPS Fulfillment
    – Presented by SPS Commerce
  9. Hans Olson
    Win With Tech: Building a Rock-solid Sales Tax Strategy
    – Presented by Avalara
  10. Ian Jensen
    Reporting in D365 F-SCM
  11. Klemen Novak
    Print Reports to SharePoint with Structured Metadata
    Presented by Docentric
  12. Michelle Frennier
    Achieve Export and Import Compliance in Dynamics 365 F&O
    – Presented by NMB Solutions
  13. Paul Heisterkamp
    Inventory Visibility Add-in for D365 SCM
  14. Rachel Profitt
    FastTrack and Success By Design For Dummies
  15. Rachit Garg
    Solution Architect Toolkit For D365 FinOps Projects


Presenter Name, Session Title
  1. Abra Gilman
    Another GP Release is Coming! Discover the Details!
  2. Amber Bell
    GP User to Superhero
  3. Annette Brown
    Compare and Contrast Reporting in GP and Business Central
  4. Carole D’Arcy & Andrew Hall
    Tips and Tricks For a Simple and Efficient Cash Rec Process!
    – Presented by Nolan Business Solutions
  5. David Laster
    Stack the Deck for Success on Your Next Dynamics GP Upgrade
  6. Deb Schaffer
    New and Uncommonly Used Features in Dynamics GP
  7. Jackie Kingman
    Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central Migration
    – Presented by Columbus
  8. Jennifer Ranz & Chad Sogge
    Greenlight Your Path Dynamics 365: Assess Your Options
    – Presented by Enavate
  9. Jo deRuiter
    The Five Star GP Administration Presentation
  10. Judy Weston
    Is EDI Stunting Your Growth? Accelerate Your Business with SPS Fulfillment
    – Presented by SPS Commerce
  11. Michael Sortino & Mary Miller
    Complete Your AP Cycle from Invoice to Payment
    – Presented by KwikTag by enChoice
  12. Russell Graf
    Advancing Your Business on the Inventory Maturity Curve
  13. Russell Graf
    Every Middle Market Company Deserves the Tools to Compete
    – Presented by NETSTOCK
  14. Ryan McBee & Tom Doran
    The Future for GP Users: Should You Stay or Should You Go?
    – Presented by Innovia Consulting
  15. Sarah Brewster
    Management Reporter’s Best Kept Secrets
  16. William DiGiovanni
    Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform
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