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Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365

For Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central (Formerly Dynamics NAV): A NAV-based ERP built for small-to-midsized businesses, Business Central contains all the tools an organization needs to manage their accounting and back-end operations, including manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain management.

Manage your Business Central Dev Team

Working on an app is one thing. Working on multiple apps at the same time with multiple developers is another. Let's lo...

Eric “Waldo” Wauters

Business Central Development Life Hacks

While Shawn will guide you through some functional life hacks - during my session, we'll drill into some cool life hacks...

Eric “Waldo” Wauters

Modifying Standard Reports in Business Central (AL).

This is a technical session into the most commonly used source control system for AL developers. The session explains...

Saurav Dhyani

GIT 101

This is a technical session into the most commonly used source control system for AL developers. The session explains...

Saurav Dhyani

How DO I - Convert CAL Code To AL?

For Upgrading Legacy Code from NAV TO Business Central and how to quickly transfer your solution from C/AL to AL is cruc...

Saurav Dhyani

Advanced visual production scheduling

Learn how you can enhance your Business Central system with an advanced visual production scheduling extension. Improve...

Martin Karlowitsch

Business Central & Manufacturing - State of the Art Report 2020

My company will do a global market research study in December 2020/ January 2021. This study is called "Business Central...

Martin Karlowitsch

Modifying Built-In Reports in Business Central Online

Sounds easy, right? All you need to know is some AL and then you can extend the report object, right? Nope, at least not...

AJ Ansari

Date Night with Business Central: Order Promising

Have you wondered what all the date fields on Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and their respective lines are, and how they...

AJ Ansari

Connecting Power BI to your On-Premises Deployment of Business Central (or NAV)

Power BI is great, but it can't do much for you if it can't talk to your Business Central or NAV. Cloud deployments of B...

AJ Ansari

Build Your First Per Tenant Extension App for Business Central

Have you ever attended a conference session where the presenter live coded an entire app, end-to-end? In this session, w...

AJ Ansari

Business Central Online vs. On-Prem: Can You Tell Them Apart?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes in two flavors: Online (Cloud) and On-Premises. They look the same, but ar...

AJ Ansari

5 Challenges of Discrete Manufacturers

Discrete manufacturing is not only competitive, but also complicated. Customers are highly demanding, processes are comp...

Nirav Shah

4 Business Central SaaS Implementations in 12 months

Customer case study - learn how Caplugs, a global manufacturer of product protection, implemented Business Central SaaS ...

Anthony Darden

Dynamics 365 Vs The World

How Dynamics 365 competes in the market? How to approach customers with different ERP solutions? B What are the benef...

Mathew Batterbee

Moving your Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud processing to the next level with Azure Durable Functions

In a Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS tenant, handling processes in the cloud in a serverless way is a must. Azure Fun...

Stefano Demiliani

Light Manufacturing in Business Central

Assembly orders in Business Central offer a viable alternative (or complement) to the full manufacturing module for a ra...

Mark Hamblin

Supply Planning in the Warehouse using Business Central

There's always room to further improve and streamline warehouse inventory management. Join this session as we discuss in...

Mark Hamblin

How to Decide What Level of WMS to Implement in Business Central

Business Central isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, rather, Business Central provides numerous configuration options fo...

Mark Hamblin


Stop the Bottleneck! Workflow is Here

Learn how to set up and deploy the embedded BC/NAV workflow to allow for an automated notification and approval process ...

Teri Grey


Dimensions & Analysis for the Non-Accountant

Tired of waiting for Accounting to get you the report you need? Want to slice, dice, dissect and analyze Sales and Purch...

Teri Grey

john hoyt

Assembly vs. Manufacturing in D365 BC

Explore the differences and the similarities between Inventory Assembly and Manufacturing in D365 BC, and when to use th...

John Hoyt

john hoyt

Accounts, Contacts, & Interactions - CRM in BC

BDon’t overlook the relationship management tools built right into D365 BC. Explore Contacts, Accounts, Interactions and...

John Hoyt

john hoyt

Programming in Business Central: Integration & Customization Basics

Business Central is a playground for developers once you understand the basics. Come see how Integrations work in BC and...

John Hoyt

OAuth authorization with Business Central APIs

Microsoft has announced that OAuth authentication will be the only supported authorization mechanism going forward. So i...

Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Understanding Sales Tax and VAT

Understand the current environment surrounding sales taxes in the USA. Learn how to set up Business Central to calculat...

Dave Wiser

Customizing Customer and Vendor Facing Documents

Leanr how to determine which reports are used by Business Central when printing orders, invoices, etc. Learn how to use...

Dave Wiser

The Truth About Dimensions - Everything you need to know

Dimensions are the most important part of using Business Central, but many organizations just don't quite put them to us...

Shawn Dorward

Business Central Life Hacks

This fast but effective session will have something for every user to improve your Business Central experience. From per...

Shawn Dorward

Coding for performances in AL extensions

"When developing solutions for Dynamics 365 Business Central, poor performances are the top killer feature for the succe...

Stefano Demiliani

Dynamics 365 Business Central in Teams to the max

"In a period where remote working is encouraged always more, Teams is the platform that everyone of us is using. With Dy...

Stefano Demiliani

What are index statistics and why should the developer care?

Imagine you're a developer in a small Nav/BC shop, and you experience some degradation of performance in your business-c...

Thomas Hutter

Dimensions and Reporting

How the use of dimensions in BC/NAV can improve the richness of information and aid in reporting that helps decision mak...

Anantha Subramanya

Year-end closing - BC/NAV Steps

Explanation of all the steps involved in year-end closing process. Emphasis is on how to execute, controls to have and t...

Anantha Subramanya

Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365

For Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and Sales (Formerly Dynamics CRM Online): The CRM arm of Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a sales and management system that offers insight into customer relationships and helps generate leads and conversions. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows users to assist customers and drive engagement.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Focus: Remote Assist for Field Technicians

Whether you're training new field techs or helping out your seasoned vets, the need for real-time collaboration and supp...

Sara Jo Larsen

Dynamics 365 Field Service Focus: Inspections in the Field

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 Field Service Inspections, it's easier than ever for field technicians to execute ...

Sara Jo Larsen

Security Role Layering 101

Does the Security role manager in Dynamics make your head hurt? Green dots, pie pieces, and User vs. Team layering can m...

Toni Galata

Dani Kahil

7 Key tips for REQUIREMENTS elicitation I wish I knew when I started my career in Dynamics 365

Join me on this session to learn about my tips and techniques when eliciting requirements with business stakeholders. G...

Dani Kahil

Art of De-Mystifying Customer Requirements

Customer requirements and how they can be unveiled can tricky, right?! Have you ever wondered what is it that makes R...

Asim Afridi

Tackling Adoption/Project Challenges

Every project or Dynamics CE implementation comes with its own challenges. In this session real life example of the chal...

Alexio Chandiwana

Omnichannel Delights coming in Wave 1 2021

Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 is the tool to empower organizations for customer service agents. Come & join to find out w...

EY Kalman


Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Let's explore integration with customer engagement apps

Customer data is everywhere. With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (AI-driven) we can bring these data silos together and ...

Manonmani V S

Aaron Back

Making Sense of the Common Data Service connectors

"Currently, there are 2 Common Data Service (CDS) connectors available in Power Automate. Which one do I use? How can I ...

Aaron Back

Everything you need to know about Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is THE suite of tools for a professional services organization's prospect to cash proces...

Antti Pajunen

Heidi Neuhauser

Dynamics 365 CRM System Administrator How To Guide

There are many tasks assigned to a System Administrator. We could spend all DynamicsCon 2021 going through each of them....

Heidi Neuhauser

Security Concepts for Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service

Security is one of the most important components of administering your Common Data Service or Dynamics 365 system. But w...

Kylie Kiser

PCF components with React and FluentUI

- Creating Mono Repo Framework for D365 UI extension - How to build reusable PCF components using React library - How ...

Senthil Ramalingam

Devops -Jenkins Implementation - D365 CRM Plugins

Now a days , CI And CD part become crucial, so implementation of devops using Jenkins plugins and GitHub, and publish pl...

Venkata Subbarao Polisetty

Microsoft Microsoft

Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP provides greater control over your financials, inventory, and operations with Dynamics GP, a business management solution for small and medium-sized businesses that goes beyond accounting software.

Dynamics GP - Choosing the Right Tools for the Right Job

This session will introduce attendees to the many development tools available to you to easily customize and integrate w...

David Musgrave

Leveraging GP Power Tools as an Administrator

GP Power Tools is the Dynamics GP Administrator's favourite tool to help with the smooth running of their systems. This ...

David Musgrave

Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Consultant

GP Power Tools many features which can be used for troubleshooting and finding issues as well as many features to help y...

David Musgrave

Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Developer

GP Power Tools many features which can be used for troubleshooting and fixing issues as well as prototyping and creating...

David Musgrave

Ask us anything about Microsoft Dynamics GP Development

A free format AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where you can have open discussion about Microsoft Dynamics GP customisation...

David Musgrave

Distribution for Everyone

Do you use distribution in GP? Do you want to? How can you use it? Whether you are using GP distribution modules or n...

John Kirsch

How do I get my old GP 2010 to the latest GP release ?

Pittfals and things to look for when you're on a non-supported GP version anymore. Where do I get help and support for t...

Beat Bucher

New User's Guide to Navigating Microsoft Dynamics GP

Do you feel a little lost? Are you overwhelmed trying to run reports? Do you wish you could have an custom list of the W...

Amber Bell

Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365

For Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Formerly Dynamics AX): This ERP app offers capabilities for managing business-critical processes, and boasts features allowing businesses to manage and plan their finances, inventory and warehousing, and transportation operations.

F&O Form Patterns: The New Normal

In this session, you will learn about how to use and create forms in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations using Form Patt...

David Boll

What the IT Tech Guy Needs to Know About Implementing D365FO

Introduction to Dynaimcs 365 for Finance and Operations from a technical perspective Is your business running AX 2009...

Johan Persson

Leverage RPA during our Regression Test journey

Hi RSAT enthusiastics, as you know, with RSAT you can't test outside F&O. I'd like to share how to use RSAT in combi...

Denis Macchinetti

WAX On! An Introduction to Warehouse Management in D365

Have you been wondering if your supply chain needs advanced warehousing solutions? In a session that would make Miyagi d...

Andrew Lencsak

The new world of D365FO “OneVersion” using Automatic Testing - RSAT Part II

Testing can become even more time consuming. So, you must decide your way of action! Let’s take Automatic Testing to th...

Vera Temkov

Saved Views, Custom Fields, and Other Developer-less Developments

Recent platform updates in Finance and Operations empower end-users to enhance their user experiences without resorting ...

Josh Knox

Understand User Licensing to Help Reduce D365FO Cost

Trying to understand, analyze, and reduce user licensing costs in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) can b...

Alex Meyer

Share your MSDyn365FO master data like a super hero

In older days (AX2009 & AX2012) there were concepts like virtual companies to share master data between legal entities. ...

Paul Heisterkamp

Dan Edwards

Using Power Platform to improve your D365 user experience

Sometimes it's challenging to find the right information in D365 F&O, or maybe a simple process just doesn't work as sim...

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

Asset Leasing - What is it and why do you need it?

With Wave 2, Microsoft recently released Asset Leasing, but do you know why they added a new module? In this presentatio...

Dan Edwards

ERP Transformation - A Journey of Thousand Miles

Failures in ERP transformations can be costly! Ever wondered what are the mistakes by others from which you could learn...

Asim Afridi

D365 Human Resources: A Love Story

A session full of technology, lessons and guidance to start exploring this amazing solution. From a functional / citizen...

Ana Ines Urrutia de Souza

Andre Arnaud de Calavon

Getting personal...

The current trend in ERP and cloud solutions is about serving the citizen developer. What options are available in Micro...

Andre Arnaud de Calavon

Aurelien Clere

Dynamics 365 Finance Insights

Plan more accurately and efficiently using customer payment predictions, budget proposals, and cash flow forecasting wit...

Aurelien Clere

Sustainability accounting with D365FO, the Power Platform and other MS products

"This session will focus on one of the most important topics human kind faces: Climate change and its effects on environ...

Ludwig Reinhard & Ievgen Miroshnikov

Faisal Fareed

Streaming Finance Operations Data for all external apps

Streaming Finance Operations Data for all external apps

Faisal Fareed

Cybercrime and fraud protection inside D365F&O

How to protect your ERP from Cybercrime and Fraudulent EFT payments. In this session, we'll see how to provide secure ve...

Ian Mirels

Enterprise Financials with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance for global deployments that have Multi-country, Multi-entity, Multi-GAAP...

Sandeep Walia

Zvika Rimalt

Upgrading my functional skills to D365 - the crash course

So your company is upgrading to D365 from an earlier version? You now need to find out what are the NEW and CHANGED thin...

Zvika Rimalt

Microsoft Microsoft

For Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform: Included with any Dynamics 365 plan, Power Platform contains Microsoft PowerApps, which allows businesses to create useful, personalized apps based on their Dynamics 365 data, and Power Automate, which helps users create automated workflows and integrate apps.

How i Build your Power Virtual Agents Chatbot within Microsoft Teams App

During this pandemic and remote work becoming the new norm, have you ever thought of making the New Employee Onboarding ...

Olajumoke Toriola


Live-build a Power App with integration with Microsoft's Cognitive Services to find your celebrity lookalike. We'll use ...

Aiden Kaskela


Building a data model in Power BI can be a big task when you don't understand the methods and process of getting your fa...

David Abu

Generating rich document templates using Power Automate

Word templates in Dynamics 365 CE is a great and underappreciated feature. They allow us to define a template and use it...

Nagaraja Emmadisetty

Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam

Data Verse - Zero to Hero

In this session I will explain Data verse and the Data verse with Microsoft Teams.

Dharani Balasubramaniam

Dan Edwards

Bring dashboards and reports to PowerApps

You have built a nice PowerApp and users are starting to use it. So now you have some good data that you would like to a...

Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

Getting started with Power BI

You have heard a lot about Power BI and you want reports and dashboards, but you are not sure where to start. In this pr...

Dan Edwards

Power Platform - Endless Possibilities

Do you ever wonder what are the limits and possibilities with Power Platform? Do you have Hows, Whats and Whens that nee...

Asim Afridi

Enterprise Integration using Logic Apps

Provide an introduction to using logic apps/power platform to solve common integration problems with dynamics 365 produc...

Ramsey Kandah

Advanced Liquid Templates in Power Apps Portals

Take a deep dive into some complex Liquid Template concepts - leverage data collections, reusable templates, and data se...

James Novak

Leveraging Power Apps Notifications using Power Automate

Putting forward some use-cases where you can leverage Power Apps Notifications and let users know of important actions/e...

Priyesh Wagh

Custom Approvals using Adaptive Cards with Power Automate

Designing an example Approval process which leverages Power Automate's CDS connector and asks for Approval on Microsoft ...

Priyesh Wagh

Connect Common Data Service and SharePoint using Azure Function Apps

In this session, we will take a look at integration options between the Common Data Service and SharePoint using using P...

James Novak

Advanced Liquid Templates in Power Apps Portals

Take a deep dive into some complex Liquid Template concepts - leveraging data collections, creating reusable templates, ...

James Novak

Mariano Gomez

Power Platform ALM with Azure DevOps

Worried about the proliferation of apps, flows, bots, and everything Power Platform and don't have a clear picture for a...

Mariano Gomez Bent

Career Power Up: How to use Power Apps and Flow to get promoted

The winner in the no-code/low-code movement is you. Using Power Automate and Power Apps, you can build highly visible ch...

Nick Hance