A World with 365 Thoughts – Learn Them All! - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

A World with 365 Thoughts – Learn Them All!


Rene Gayer

Rene Gayer

First Time DynamicsCon Presenter Microsoft MVP Skill-Up Instructor

Session Description

Microsoft 365 and Business Central – the dream team. This statement is probably propagated at every Business Central event. You must learn AL, Power Automate, use the OneDrive integration, sync data with Sales etc. – These are phrases that many have probably already heard. But can a single person learn and manage all of these (opportunities)? What are recommended future skills, and what really justify the time for learning these apps? Get insights into current learning experiences, opportunities, practical examples, and personal progress on this topic. The only way to learn is learn.

Session Track: Business Central
Session Type: Functional
Session Category: Other
Content Level: Intermediate
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