BC Telemetry Activated, Now What? - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

BC Telemetry Activated, Now What?


Petras Butenas

Petras Butenas

Premiering Content First Time DynamicsCon Presenter

Session Description

Telemetry signals are here, Power BI telemetry app is easily accessible for everyone, now what? How do you analyze data, how do you decide what’s important, who’s monitoring telemetry data and what do you do with it? We have monitored and analyzed data for BC Partners and now gathered practical examples and recurring reports to share what you should be monitoring and what to do with it. In this session I will show how to spend your time wisely with telemetry and become more proactive with your customer issues with alerts, budgeting and routine reports.

Session Track: Business Central
Session Type: Functional
Session Category: Reporting
Content Level: Intermediate
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