Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Developer - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

Leveraging GP Power Tools as a Developer


Session Description

GP Power Tools many features which can be used for troubleshooting and fixing issues as well as prototyping and creating customizations. This session will demonstrate how you can use Dexterity, Transact-SQL, C# and/or VB.Net code to find issues, create fixes and customize the user interface. GP Power Tools can be used to create custom report writer functions to return difficult to access data. You can also create custom Web Service procedures and custom URL Drillbacks. Join us to see all this and what’s new in the latest GP Power Tools build.

Objective: Participants will gain an understanding of the power of GP Power Tools scripting and how it can be used.

Participants will learn how to use GP Power Tools to create custom Service Based Architecture calls and debug service code.

Session Track: Dynamics GP
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