OAuth Authentication in AL Code - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

OAuth Authentication in AL Code


Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Arend-Jan Kauffmann

Premiering Content Veteran DynamicsCon Presenter Microsoft MVP

Session Description

Dealing with OAuth can be quite complex. Many languages provide a library to acquire OAuth tokens and use them for calling web services. And AL has a library too. But how does it work? And does it support all scenarios? Apart from the library. you also have to think about the app registration and distribution of secrets. Secrets should not be hardcoded in the source code of an app, we all know that. So what is the best way to work with secrets in a distributed application like Business Central? Join this session to get answers to those questions and tips and tricks around OAuth!

Session Track: Business Central
Session Type: Technical
Content Level: Advanced
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