DynamicsCon March 16 - 18, 2021

So, you still run NAV/BC on-premise?

Functional session


David Singleton & Erik Ernst
David Singleton & Erik Ernst

Session Description

Yes, we know you are out there. Extensions, C/AL, Add-Ons, Integration, Performance, IaaS vs PaaS vs Saas what does it all mean and how does it all relate to you? In this session David and Erik will present a helicopter level view of where we came from and where we need to be. They will present ideas of; why some companies "cannot" (or think they can’t) make the move; how they can leverage the cloud without making the full head first dive; what are they saying "no" to when they don't go to the cloud. AUDIENCE • Your Role in the process to make the call on if/how to move NAV/BC to the Cloud could be : o The decider that will ultimately sign off on the move, o An external consultant or adviser to the end user, o A consultant working for the partner that will actually perform the move, o The sales person that will sell this concept to the customer, o AN Azure consultant that wants a better understanding of the BC side. • You have a basic understanding, of "In house" vs "Hosted" vs "Cloud". • You have concerns about aspects of your business that don't fit with the whole Azure Stack concept. • You want to move to the cloud but are not sure if your company is ready. Topics • Who are you - the audience • Key Take aways from this session • IaaS vs PaaS vs Saas • Why are we moving to Cloud? To Be happy. • TCO On Prem vs Cloud vs SaaS • Deployment options • What we get from SaaS • What we get from On Prem • What would stop me moving to full SaaS • Finding middle Ground • What am I missing out on

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