The Do's and Don'ts of Data (in Dataverse) - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

The Do’s and Don’ts of Data (in Dataverse)


Matt Beard

Matt Beard

First Time DynamicsCon Presenter Microsoft MVP

Session Description

Data quality isn’t hard and doesn’t always have to cost. Having been involved in hundreds of data quality projects across the world, I’ve learned lots of things that you could do, a few things you definitely should do, some things not to do and what sort of challenges most people come up against.

This is a session that will cover many aspects of the Power Platform and how you can ensure data quality throughout. It will also give tips and tricks on how to retroactively fix your poor data and in the best shape possible.

Session Track: Power Platform
Session Type: Functional
Session Category: Other
Content Level: Intermediate
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