The Rise of the “Business Consumer” - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

The Rise of the “Business Consumer”


Mike Brenneman

Mike Brenneman

Rookie Speaker Premiering Content First Time DynamicsCon Presenter

Session Description

The workforce is now made up of Millennials and Gen Z who are digital natives; folks who know “add to cart” to be standard. These individuals are now Business Consumers. They expect to be able to interact with B2B brands with the same ease as their D2C favorites. The B2B brands that win over the business of these newer generations of buyers are the ones who cater to their expectations and preferences as well as provide them with an ease of purchasing. Join to discover the rising buying trends one must take advantage of to win the business and loyalty of the Business Consumer.

Session Track: Customer Engagement
Session Type: Functional
Session Category: Commerce
Content Level: Beginner
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