DynamicsCon May 2024

50 Tips in 50 Minutes

Your favorite fast-talking duo will rattle off as many tips as we can fit in our time! We’re talking about tools, tips and tricks for Dynamics 365 that cover Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, the Power Platform and more! Let’s see if we get get through all 50 or maybe even more!

Security is one of the most important components of administering your Dataverse environment. But where to begin? We will discuss the basics of permissions, roles, teams and more. Of course, this will be all topped off with best practices and tips for success!

Have you ever felt like your technical and end-user teams are on totally different pages? Who hasn’t!? This comes up frequently throughout projects and it can be tough to get your teams to understand each other. It’s SO important to tackle this issue to ensure the success of a project!

Attend this session for tips on how to think like an end user and consider their perspective throughout the lifecycle of a project, and beyond. As a result, you’ll be able to collaborate better than ever with your end-user community!

What do my sales users really need? Do my executives need access to CE/CRM at all? Everyone knows Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM, PowerPlatform, & PowerBI licensing is about as clear a mud and matching your users with the right license is anything but straight forward. Join Britt as shares tips and strategies for tackling the big licensing questions within your organization. When to use an attach license? Is a BC Team user the same as a CE Team user? Bring your questions and let’s dive into demystifying the world that is Dynamics Licensing.

For years, we’ve managed the D365 system settings in the “Classic Settings” area. But Microsoft is slowly moving everything to the Power Apps Admin Center. In this session, we will walk through the new admin center and highlight where to find the most common settings. We will also discuss the new exciting things you can do here and how to best leverage the new admin center.

In this session I will discuss the most important features you can utilize as part of Dynamics 365 Sales.

In this session I will discuss existing features of Dynamics 365 that you might not be aware of! Join my session to learn about these ‘hidden’ features in the application!

Is Dynamics working for you or are you working for Dynamics? Why do many end users cringe when they hear the acronym ‘CRM’? It’s not because Dynamics or any other CRM for that matter are bad platforms (quite the contrary actually), it’s because of their past experiences with CRMs.

In this session, we will talk about the 5 best practices you can implement to make your users fall in love with Dynamics and drive end user adoption of the platform!

There is a lot of momentum and buzz around MS D365 Project Operations, for both end users and those working in the partner channel, especially for organisations looking to migrate from MS D365 PSA. But understanding the product and how it’s evolved can be challenging.
To help you get a reign on this, join us for this session delivered by MVP Joe Griffin and product specialist Sebastian Sieber. We provide you a preview of what to be expect, hot off the press current and upcoming releases.
With a mixture of announcements, demos and Q&A, you’ll get the complete lowdown on what to do with ProjOps

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