How the Right Fusion Dev Balance Saved the Day - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

How the Right Fusion Dev Balance Saved the Day


Rami Mounla

Rami Mounla

Premiering Content Veteran DynamicsCon Presenter Microsoft MVP Meetup Leader

Session Description

In an age where low/no-code is the preferred way, customers are prone to automatically dismiss any customisation to their system.

Although low/no-code solutions have their merits and are easy to implement, they can become complex and difficult to manage on enterprise-scale implementation.

This session deals with cost and industry maturity comparisons of the two approaches, and a recommendation moving forward based on an established formula and your readiness to do one or the other.

If your team wants to do more Fusion Development successfully, come along to this session to learn how.

Session Track: Customer Engagement
Session Type: Technical
Session Category: App Development
Content Level: Intermediate
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