How To Make Your ERP the Single Source of Truth for Finance - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

How To Make Your ERP the Single Source of Truth for Finance


Session Description

When important information resides across multiple systems, you lose data integrity. And when that data is used to make important financial decisions, you need to know that you can rely on it. For any accounting automation solution you bring on, integrating it effectively with your ERP helps ensure your finance team (and anyone they provide reporting to) is accessing the same single source of truth. In this webinar, join our experts as they discuss the ins and outs of successfully integrating your systems and how to build on your capabilities to get a holistic picture of all your accounts receivable.

Learning Outcomes:
• Learn the benefits of integrating an accounts receivable automation solution with your ERP
• Identify your short-term and long-term goals for a project to digitizing the accounts receivable function
• Understand what to look for in creating the perfect system integration between ERP and AR solution

Session Track: Business Central
Session Type: Functional
Content Level:
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