Hyperscale Hybrid Cloud with No-Code - DynamicsCon
DynamicsCon November 2024

Hyperscale Hybrid Cloud with No-Code


Ilya Fainberg

Ilya Fainberg

Premiering Content First Time DynamicsCon Presenter

Session Description

We can’t ignore the fact that even in the age of the Cloud, a lot of data is still processed locally. Whether it’s because of legacy or security concerns, cloud architecture needs to take this into account with a Hybrid Cloud approach.

There’s a no need for complicated customizations or custom code, all your Hybrid Cloud needs can be achieved with Power Platform and a few mouse clicks.

In this session we will cover:
* Power Automate Hybrid Cloud
* Secure integration architecture
* Common scenarios
* Dealing with performance

Session Track: Power Platform
Session Type: Technical
Session Category: Integration
Content Level: Beginner
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